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About us

509Cooks Street Food Kitchen is a quick, counter service shop featuring items commonly found at street vendors around the world.

Formerly Common Crumb Bakery, 509Cooks Mercantile is a retail shop, featuring locally and house made items.

All profits go to the 509Cooks culinary first responder team.


Along with many other local businesses, 509Cooks advocates the progression of cultural and social development in Spokane. We are strong supporters of collaborating with other local businesses and being proactive in charity events and giving back to the community. We are looking forward to embracing the community that surrounds us while introducing a fresh alternative to the growing population of downtown restaurants and bakeries. We vow to partner with and showcase the incredulous labors of the local farmers and producers that surround us.

Meet the team

Jeremy L Hansen

owner/executive chef

Kate Hansen

owner/operations manager